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Imagine a potential customer excited to explore your offerings, only to be met with frustratingly slow loading times. However, you need not worry because Web Pro is here to offer you the best services for website speed optimization in Pakistan.

Our Process

Our Approach to Website Speed Optimization

Your website’s speed is a pivotal determinant of its success. At Web Pro, we’re committed to elevating your website’s performance to unprecedented levels. To ensure that optimal results are achieved, we pay keen attention to the following aspects:


The process of optimization starts with optimizing the images on your web pages in a manner that doesn’t deter the visual quality. We ensure that their resolution and size are the best fit for your website, for which we rigorously experiment with quality settings.


Minify Javascript

To reduce the CSS/JS delivery, we analyze which ones can be minimized while keeping all of the functions working properly on your website. We minify the selected JS & CSS files upon analysis.


Our skilled developers utilize the Gzip compression to reduce the overall size of your website and its various elements. Gzip is a compression and decompression software application, and using it is the most popular and effective compressing method.



We will help you set up a Content Delivery Network which will be helpful if you have a lot of daily visitors or a heavy website consisting of a lot of media. The goal behind doing so is to provide enhanced availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end users.

Leverage Browser Caching

We set up browser caching on your website, which ensures quick loading of web pages by saving a cached copy of your web page on the user’s browser.

Reduce Server Response Time

If your hosting provider isn’t cutting the server response time, we’ll move your website to our fully managed WordPress hosting environment for free.

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We Go Beyond Superficial Fixes

Empowering Your Website with Speed Optimization

In this era of cutthroat competition, even a minor delay can result in the loss of precious opportunities. It is the need of the hour for all new online businesses to get their e-commerce website development done. This reality has been unveiled by research and surveys, indicating that merely a second’s delay can result in tangible drops in conversion rates. We understand this really well and extend our services beyond superficial fixes, targeting the core elements that contribute to sluggish loading times. Whether you want us to speed up a WordPress website or an e-commerce store or achieve a WordPress theme customization, we adopt a comprehensive approach that involves a detailed speed audit, wherein our experts meticulously assess your website’s performance. Through this audit, we identify bottlenecks and areas that demand improvement.

What Do You Get With Web Pro?

Here Is What We Bring To The Table

  • Seamless Mobile Experience

    The prevalence of mobile browsing necessitates a seamless mobile experience. Our website speed optimization services extend to mobile devices, ensuring your website loads flawlessly across various screens. This commitment to mobile optimization guarantees a consistent, user-friendly experience regardless of the device being used.

  • A Holistic Approach

    At Web Pro, we recognize that speed optimization is an ongoing endeavor. To this end, we employ real-time monitoring tools that vigilantly track your website's performance. This proactive approach enables us to promptly address emerging issues and maintain the optimized speed your users deserve.

  • A Spectrum of Benefits

    While speed is the focal point, our optimization services yield a load of additional advantages, such as enhanced user satisfaction, improved search rankings, reduced bounce rates, and a competitive edge in your respective niche. With our GT Metrix WordPress optimization and other speed optimization services, you will be able to truly stand in the highly competitive digital landscape.

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Providing impeccable core web vitals optimization in Pakistan, we’re capable of web development and enhancing your website’s speed score without changing your theme, extensions, or server. We will even do WordPress speed optimization for you. Behind this excellence is a lot of hard work, which has enabled us to implement the best practices without making any major visual changes. To ensure that the website’s speed has been optimized to its full potential, we only consider the results of authentic and reliable tools like Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom, & GTMetrix. We also make preventative measures for the future to ensure that the speed scores go a long way until you make any major changes in the future. So, get Web Pro by your side and make the first step toward online success with a lightning-fast website!

Our Competitive Pricing Structure - Service Based Websites


Rs 30,000
  • 4-5 page word press website
  • contact forms
  • Responsive
  • Speed Optimization (1x)
  • Contact Forms
  • Call To Actions
  • Homepage Image Slider
  • Fast Speed
  • Social Media Buttons
  • All main navigation pages


Rs 60,000
  • Premium Theme
  • 20 to 30 pages
  • Responsive
  • Speed Optimization
  • Banners (7)
  • Blogs (5)
  • Whatsapp Chat
  • Contact Form
  • Payment Method
  • Sign In/Sign Out
  • Homepage Image Slider
  • Integrated Contact Forms w/ Captcha
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL Installation + Setup
  • Caching Plugin
  • Backup Database and Files
  • Stock images
  • All SEO plugins
  • Login Functionality
  • One-Time SEO Setup (content not included)
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Setups

Our Competitive Pricing Structure - E-Commerce Websites


Rs 40,000
  • No.of pages (5-10)
  • Responsive
  • Speed Optimization (One-time)
  • Banners 1
  • Products (Upto 50)
  • Contact Form
  • Homepage Image Slider
  • Included Stock Images upto 5 premium images
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Add to cart functionality
  • Checkout Page
  • Wishlist


Rs 80,000
  • No.of pages (25-50)
  • Responsive
  • Speed Optimization (unlimited)
  • Logo
  • Content
  • Banners 7
  • Products (100+)
  • Blogs (5 Blogs)
  • Contact Form
  • Iframe map
  • Additional Plugins
  • Payment method
  • Mega menu
  • Sign in/sign out
  • Homepage Image Slider
  • Included Stock Images (Yes upto 30 premium images)
  • Integrated Contact Forms w/ Captcha
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL Installation + Setup
  • Caching Plugin
  • Backup Database and Files
  • Add to cart functionality
  • Checkout Page
  • Wishlist

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Optimizing a website’s speed is essential to SEO campaigns. It has a significant role in website speed optimization. Search engines prioritize user experience, and quicker page loads greatly improve user engagement and retention. Because speed-optimized websites rank better in search results, search engines prefer them, which directly influences SEO rankings. A quick website enhances user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) by matching search engine algorithms.

Several tools can be used to check how fast a website is, like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and GT Metrix for WordPress optimization. These tools examine different aspects like page size, server response time, loading speed, and display time to see what can be improved on your website to make it faster. They also guide you on how to make these enhancements.

Website speed optimization is essential since it directly impacts user experience, engagement, and conversion rates. A speedier website guarantees content access more quickly, which lowers bounce rates and increases page visits. Additionally, it makes a big difference in keeping people on the site and building a favorable company image. From an SEO perspective, search engines like Quick Websites improve search ranks and boost organic traffic.

A speedier website is vital for a variety of reasons. A fast website increases customer happiness by allowing rapid access to information, reducing bounce rates and more user engagement. It also boosts conversion rates and increases income. Fast-loading websites are prioritized by search engines, resulting in higher search visibility and ranking.

The speed of a website influences several facets of online performance. It immediately affects user experience, affecting metrics like time on site, bounce rates, and page visits. It also has an impact on SEO rankings since search engines give quicker websites priority. Poor user engagement, a rise in desertion, and a detrimental effect on conversion rates and income may all result from slow loading times.

The cost of optimizing a website may vary depending on a number of variables, including the size and complexity of the website, the extent of the required optimizations, and the services that the optimization provider provides. It is highly recommended to seek the advice of website optimization professionals or organizations to get customized estimates that align with particular optimization requirements.

The pricing for website optimization is contingent upon many aspects, including the level of optimizations needed, the platform used (such as WordPress), and the desired services. Acquiring WordPress speed optimization services to enhance the performance of a WordPress website or optimize it according to GTmetrix standards might vary in cost depending on the provider’s proficiency and the extent of optimization required. Engaging with experts in website optimization provides valuable information on customized cost estimates based on specific needs and speeds up WordPress’s website exceptionally.


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I can't say enough about Web Pro's WordPress design and development services. They have been a lifesaver for me in launching my website. Every element of the design process has been handled with utmost attention to detail, from customizing themes to setting up plugins and making sure the website was optimized for SEO.

Academics Helper

Working wit Web Pro was an excellent experience. From the initial consultation meeting, they were professional and knowledgeable in guiding us through the entire process of conceptualizing our website. Throughout the whole project, they delivered everything on time while staying within our budget constraints.

MBP Inc.

With their expertise, they were able to take my vision from concept to completion in a quick and efficient manner. Their attention to detail was second to none, and their ability to understand my goals for the project allowed them to create an end product that exceeded my expectations.


I have been extremely impressed with the work done by Web Pro's throughout our recent WordPress design and development project. Not only did they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the platform but also provided creative ideas which helped us achieve our desired outcome. The communication was excellent throughout the process, with full transparency regarding progress updates as well as any technical issues or challenges encountered along the way.


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