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Join forces with Web Pro for the best website maintenance service in Pakistan. We offer web maintenance services unlike any other to provide your valued visitors with the optimal user experience.

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Maintenance Service

At Web Pro, we completely understand the need to provide the most smoothly running website to ensure an optimal browsing experience for your visitors. Be it a WordPress website or a Laravel website; we ensure to regularly update and fix any malfunctioning on your website, so that your website runs efficiently!


Websites can periodically face downtime and breakdown owing to multiple factors. A major factor is outdated or crashed plugins. Web Pro regularly updates WordPress plugins, updates Shopify, Laravel, and CodeIgniter to their latest versions to keep your site running perfectly. 

Backups For

Web Pro regularly takes back-up of your website. In cases of website crashing, hack attacks, etc., backups prevent data loss and ensure your website does not suffer any consequences. Backups are frequently checked and restored from time to time.


From defaced homepages to security compromises are all non-traditional security threats of the digital age. Web Pro takes these threats with contemporary solutions like changing administration page URLs, periodically changing passwords, HTTPS protocol updates, malware clean-up and blacklist removal, etc.


At Web Pro, we perform different tasks to test your website’s service and functionality. It includes activities that check the website's performance, availability, and functionality. It encompasses automated testing and real user monitoring i.e. monitoring, performance monitoring, and functionality monitoring.

Restrict IP

Are you getting a lot of phony orders, contact requests, or live chats from a certain network? We can assist you with imposing IP limits to prevent such traffic from communicating with your website.


If pictures with massive file sizes are making your website load time decrease, then no issue! All of your images can be compressed using our technologies, and we can even set up regular compression in the future for freshly added images.

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Importance Of Website Maintenance

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance Services?

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, website maintenance is absolutely essential. Just setting up a website is not enough anymore. In a website maintenance package, you will get regular site updates and maintenance to avoid crashes and security breaches. Regular maintenance ensures site security, increases the number of visitors, and significantly heightens return traffic. Websites are prone to certain issues regardless of the framework used. Our professional website maintenance in Pakistan ensures that your website is immune to any major problem.

We Are Passionate About What We Do

Why Web Pro Is The Perfect Choice For Website Maintenance?

  • Our Team Of Experts

    Our website maintenance services are carried out by the most capable and qualified team of individuals that work day in and day out to give your users the finest user experience.

  • Security And Privacy Guaranteed

    We prioritize your data safety and security and work by a strict code of conduct, so you can rest assured that your data is in the safest hands.

  • Professionalism And Years Of Experience

    We have years of experience under our belt. This equips us to give you the best client experience, tackle problematic situations on a case-by-case basis, and sort time-sensitive issues.

How Web Pro Provides The Best Website Maintenance Services in Pakistan

Websites with more functionalities take more time, and Web Pro ensures that we take minimal time to sort all your website maintenance needs. For example, if we are working on a WordPress website, we regularly use plugins and offer theme updates that help keep your site’s design in line with its functionality. You can get updates for The Core WordPress CMS system, plugins from 3rd party developers, or theme functionality and design with our website maintenance service. Or, when a hosting provider updates its servers, previous versions of PHP that your website was created to run on may be disabled. When this occurs, we will update to a newer framework that supports the latest PHP version. Apart from these problems, we can keep your website free from any sort of issue. 

Regular maintenance keeps your site free from errors and bugs and allows you to add new features and functionalities, thus creating a better user experience.


No hidden charges! Choose your best plan.


$20 / Per month
  • Get a website with a premium theme, up to 5-10 pages, responsive to all screen sizes, optimized for speed, and much more in our personal package.


$40 / Per month
  • Get a website with a premium theme, up to 11-25 pages, responsive to all screen sizes with a logo and 3 banners, Google Analytics integrated, and much more in our advanced package.


$60 / Per month
  • Get a website of up to 50 pages, including complete content, banners, logo, backup database and files, up to 30 premium images, SSL installation + setup, and much more in our business package.

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Excellent service and always on time. Would highly recommend it.

Ekrama Shahzad

My website is safer and more functional after opting for Web Pro’s website maintenance service.

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Web Pro is an absolute master of web maintenance. They always give prompt replies and have a great support team.

Amna Ansar

Very professional and responsive team. Absolutely wonderful service would definitely work with them long term.

Maria Yousuf

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