Web Maintenance

The WordPress website maintenance helps in keeping your website run very smoothly. These maintenance services play a vital role in fixing errors, updating the system to include more features, and protecting the site from hackers. Since Google prefers websites that are aesthetically pleasing and those that are regularly updated with new and fresh content, you will want to avail these web maintenance services to rank high on the famous search engine. Consider WordPress maintenance like looking after a vehicle. Just like you maintain your car by putting fuel in it, servicing it, fixing issues, adding new features, and tidying it up to have it operate better and more efficiently, you will need to do the same with your website!


The Importance Of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress first started as a blogging tool, but over time it evolved into a very robust website builder and a strong content management system (CMS). The best thing about WordPress is that it is by far the most convenient CMS of all and it brings along a great deal of flexibility and versatility, allowing people to make different types of websites.

For websites that are built on WordPress, there are some very important updates required to have your website running smoothly. WordPress will constantly make updates to the core CMS system. The Plugin developers will update the 3rd party functionality, and the theme design has to be changed to suit the core and updates of plugins.

It’s integral that your website is updated, most importantly due to security concerns. If your site is hacked, Google can remove you from the search results, which will badly hurt your brand image.

If you keep your site in a good shape, it will in turn create a better user experience, and this is why Google always ranks sites that work better. When you update WordPress, you essentially keep your website free from errors and bugs and have the option to include new features.

Changing and updating the core CMS and plugins is very easy with WordPress. You can do this by going to the admin dashboard. However, updating themes is relatively difficult. You cannot just click on “update” and expect to have everything good. This can at times break functionality because the WordPress core system, the theme/design, and the plugins are to work together. If you choose to update one thing while leaving the other, it will break.

At Web pro, we have strong backups in place before we decide to make any updates. By having updates, we fix the thing there only and test it. Moreover, we are also aware of the inevitable WordPress security threats and thereby we take necessary actions. Get in touch with us and get the best website maintenance price in Pakistan.

You Can Update:

The Benefits Of Updates


WordPress Maintenance Services in Pakistan

Once you get started with our ongoing package, we will frequently update your site to have it working smoothly on the servers. It is important to know that the WordPress site will take more time to make updates if it has more functionality.


Plugin Updates

Plugin Updates helps in adding features. This results in making your website smooth and reduces the chances of getting hacked


Theme Updates

Theme Updates helps keep the site’s design and functionality in line with the plugin updates and CMS


Security Updates

This is done to avoid brute force attacks and fix security loopholes


Speed Optimization

WordPress is generally very heavy because it has a lot of files, which also includes the large images you have on your site. This is why speed tweaks will assist in user experience and Google rankings


Google Analytics Setup

This provides very useful information about the website by highlighting errors, traffic, and other things.


Google Search Console

The search console provides a lot of information about your site. From errors, to hack alerts and recommended improvements, there’s everything. We will install the Google search console, monitor it throughout, and give you access.